Guided Tours

Guided Tours

We look forward to welcome you again in small groups for public tours. The maximum number of participants is 9 persons. If you wish to take part in the tour, please leave your contact details and follow our hygiene regulations.

Because of current protection and hygiene measures, we are unable to offer our culinary formats at the present time. We thank you for your understanding and will keep you updated on changes in this matter via our website, newsletter and social media channels.

Are you already aware of the digital offers at Haus der Kunst?
Use the exhibition films, our blogs or our other digital offers to prepare or follow up your visit to the exhibitions.

We have Guided tours of the exhibition, Art after work, Art cocktail, Curator's tour, Kids listen in, Art, coffee & cake, Intergenerational tour, Crash Course – dialogue on contemporary art & Private Tours

Our guided tours

  • Guided tours of the exhibition

    Every weekend we offer public guided tours of individual exhibitions. If you are interested in a particular exhibition, this is the right format for you to start with!
    1 hour 3 € / person plus admission

  • Art after work

    End the working day at Haus der Kunst: Tour of a current exhibition followed by a snack and a drink at the Golden Bar café.

    1.5 hours 17 € / person (entrance, tour, snack, drink).

  • Art cocktail

    Ring in the evening at Haus der Kunst with a tour through a current exhibition and a cocktail at the Golden Bar served by barkeeper Klaus St. Rainer afterwards.

    1.5 hours 17 € / person (cocktail, admission, tour).

  • Photo: Marion Vogel

    Curator's tour

    Our curators will guide you through their exhibitions, thus providing you with first-hand information about and insight into their work.
    1 hour 3 € / person plus admission

  • Kids listen in

    For children from zero to four years of age.

    Tours of a current exhibition for parents and their baby or infant. The pram, your baby or infant will always be in sight and cared for by us.

    1 hour 15 € / person

  • Art, coffee & cake

    Spice up coffee gossip with art! Enjoy an afternoon in Haus der Kunst: tour of a current exhibition, including coffee and cake at the Golden Bar café.

    1.5 hours / 14 € per person with free admission (guided tour, a piece of cake and a hot drink).

  • Intergenerational tour

    Our art educators have developed an intergenerational concept that Haus der Kunst, with its eventful history and diverse works of art, will convey in a both playful and intellectually appealing way.
    1 hour 3 € / person plus admission

  • "Elan Vital. The Eye of Eros" 1994 © Haus der Kunst. Photo: Wilfried Petzi

    Crash Course – dialogue on contemporary art

    This tour offers the opportunity to talk to experienced art educators about various artistic positions in the Haus der Kunst.
    1 hour 3 € / person plus admission

  • Private Tours

    Private tours in English can be booked for a time of your choosing. We recommend 20 to maximum 25 persons per group.